Teaching Abroad

What if you could travel the world, work, and get paid all at the same time? Would you take the chance to go somewhere new or familiar? Teaching English abroad is an up and coming trend in the field of international education that offers recent grads, or the occasional retiree, the opportunity to travel to various locations, meet the locals, become immersed in a unique culture, and build up the ever daunting resume. It’s a great way to spend a summer, a year, or make a career out of it. For those recent grads that are not quite ready to buckle down into a full-time job, I highly recommend teaching abroad. At what other point in your life could you afford to take a year off from work?

Those of you unfamiliar with what teaching abroad entails let me break it down for you:

Things you may receive depending upon your program of choice:

  1. Health insurance
  2. A monthly stipend
  3. In-country orientation
  4. Free flights at the start and the end of your program
  5. Free vacation flights (for those of you staying a year or longer)
  6. In-country support

Intangible things you will receive:

  1. Memories to last a lifetime
  2. Life-long friends from all walks of life
  3. A humbling, selfless, life-changing experience
  4. Knowing that you are helping to change lives

*Note: Not all programs require a deposit before in-country arrival; some may ask for money, others will simply pay for everything.

So my advice to anyone who is looking for some adventures in their life…get out there and travel the world, you’ll be glad you did it.

Did you know that TWO people in our office have taught abroad? Kelly taught English for the Spanish Ministry of Education, and Evan taught in the Republic of Georgia. Questions about their experience? You shouldn’t be surprised that they would LOVE to talk to you about it 🙂 Email us at goabroad@eiu.edu and we’ll put you in touch.