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Hola!  Ciao!  Bonjour!  Kon’nichiwa!  Ni Hao! and welcome to the blog of the Office of Study Abroad at Eastern Illinois University.  Our Study Ablog mission is to provide students with a forum to document and share their international endeavors with a diverse and captive audience.  We aim to promote casual communication between our office, our Panthers abroad, and the greater EIU community through this little corner of the cyber world.

We invite you to read along and live vicariously through the stories and adventures shared here.  Let this site inspire your next adventure abroad.  Contact us through any outlet below to start planning your own study abroad experience!

1207 Blair Hall
600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, IL


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Very inspiring blog! Congrats! 🙂 I was an exchange student once and it was something the marked me for the rest of my life! It was the best experience I could ever have had! And I can’t say enough how much I encourage anyone to do it!! Congrats for the Blog and I am sure you will inspire others to embrace the best thing someone can embrace – culture, people, travel, adventure, laugh, love, new, experience, excitement, friendship, family, passion! = be an exchange student! 🙂

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