Alicia, Student Blogger: Week 7

Day 45

Today is the 4th of July at home, and I’m grouchy… The 4th is my favorite holiday at home, and I would really like to be there… I also have a pretty bad headache.

I had 2 classmates this week, Jonathan and Niko.  Class was fine, and afterwards I stayed an extra hour and a half to begin my test.  I have to take this test in order to get credit for EIU, or so we think… There have been some miscommunications regarding what I and Yanapuma need to do for me to receive credit. The test has several parts: reading comprehension, listening, speaking, writing.  I took almost all of the reading parts today, and then went back to the house to sleep.  I ate most of dinner, but skipped dessert to go back and sleep.

Day 46

I did not feel well today… I stayed at school until 10:30 and then left.  I think I had a fever again.  I bought some Tylenol at the pharmacy to alternate with my ibuprofen and hopefully break my fever…  I ate part of dinner and went to bed again.

Day 47

Still didn’t feel well… I made it through all of class, and then took 1.5 more hour of my test.  Luckily, the test has kept me after class enough to make up for the time I missed.  I took the rest of the reading portion, all of the listening, and part of the writing portion.

At the house, we had fried potatoes and soup with cheese, which was comforting, but I still didn’t feel well.  When I talked to my parents, I talked to them about skipping my last week and coming home early.

Day 48

Today in class, I finished the writing portion and took the entire speaking portion of my test, and PASSED!  I barely passed, needing a 30 (I don’t know how many it was out of) and getting a 31.  I began at level B1, but progressed enough to move into B2, so I had to take the B2 test.

Afterwards, I decided to see a doctor.  My insurance told me a hospital would be easiest as a foreigner, but the hospital told me that I couldn’t get in without an emergency or a referral.  The pharmacy referred me to a clinic, but the taxi dropped me off at the wrong place…  I walked for 20 minutes, and then found another taxi to take me the rest of the way, since I still wasn’t close… I waited over an hour, and then the nurses told me that I wasn’t sick enough to see a doctor and sent me home.  I walked for 15 minutes again until I found a taxi, and then went back to the house.  I figured that if I could get to Cuenca for my last week, then at least my dad’s family, Kip and Karen, could help me out if I was still sick.

I started packing to leave and managed to get it all in my bags, barely!

Day 49

This was my last day of class in Quito, and I feel much more relaxed about class now that I’ve taken my test and passed.  After class, I took a taxi to Magic Bean to eat one last time.  I’d ironically had the same taxi driver for 2 weekends in a row (back from Otavalo, and from Mindo), so I had arranged for him to pick me up and take me to the airport.  He’d even offered to do it for $20, and it usually costs closer to $25 from the house.  To be continued…


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