Kristen, Student Blogger: Tour of Torino

Blog #3 Tour of Torino

On our, second day of class, we went on a bus tour of our new home for the next few weeks. The city of Torino has a lot of history surrounding it. The USAC coordinators stood at the front of the bus and told us about the city. Sites we saw:

  • The “Po” River- right outside our school. The river starts in Piedmont, Italy and ends in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. It was previously named Eridanous in Greek mythology.
  • The Lingotto Mall- What might seem like just a mall was actually the starting point for Fiat. Fiat tested their first cars on the roof the building. Now they have building on the other side of the city.
  • 2006 Winter Olympic Stadium- With a cost of about 4.1 billion the stadiums now serves as a park on the outside. They will host concerts sometimes but for the most part, is gated off from entrance into the actual stadium. During the Winter Olympics, the Alps, about an hour and a half out of town served as the spot for where the mountain sports took place.
  • Underground Roman Ruins- The city is full of old Roman structures. Near “The Shroud” is the Palantine Towers. These towers serve as what used to be one of the 4 major gates guarding the city. There is supposedly a “Magic Turin” tour where you can also see the Roman ruins of tunnels underneath the city.
  • Torino is special in that it lies on the axis of the myth of dark and white magic. It shares the white magic axis with Lyon, France and Prague. It shares the dark magic with London and San Francisco. This is not something that I know a lot about or our tour guides. If we get the chance we’re hoping to go on the “Magic of Turin” tour to learn more.
    • “Gates of Hell”- this statue is within five minute walking distance from my apartment. This serves as a reminder of the dark magic in the city. It is said to be on the west side of town because this is where the sun sets, the darkness come on first. As you can tell from my picture it is a dark angel atop men reaching for the top. The place of the most “light magic” is said to be where the Holy Shroud is placed.
  • Basilica di Superga- This church sits on top of the mountains in southwest Torino. It looks all across the city and took about 15 minutes get to the top of. This was probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen with the combined church, river, alps and city itself.
  • Piazza Vittorio Veneto is a very large Piazza is very large shopping and restaurant center in western Torino. It sits right next to the river and has a great view of Gran Madre di Dio.

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