What can you do in the country you have chosen to study abroad?

Explore the places you can go when you study abroad!

Hello Everyone!
It’s Mary, the professional writing intern here at the Study Abroad Office. It’s been about a month now that I have been working with the office. For those of you that are trying to get all of your paperwork done for summer programs, you know that it’s been a hectic month. Now that summer program deadlines are upon us, I know a lot of you will be looking at semester programs for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.

When making a decision about where you want to study abroad, one of the main draws to a certain country is what you can do besides studying. I have found a website that should help you figure out where you want to study based on what you can do around your school. You can also use this website if you have made a decision about where you want to go but don’t know what you want to do or can do when you get there.

This website is not a comprehensive list of every place in a certain country, but it can give you an idea of what you can do once you are there. I would recommend doing more research than just this site for a more complete list of places to visit and things to do.

Roadtrippers.com lets you browse by:

Accommodations accomadations

Attractions and Culture culture

Food and Drink food

Outdoors and Recreation outdoor

Points of Interest points

Camping and RV camping

Entertainment and Nightlife nightlife

Tours and Experiences tours

Services services

Shopping shopping

Sports sports

Motoring motorign

When you first get to the site, you are in the US. Simply zoom out and click and drag the map to find the country you want to explore.

A lot of countries in Europe offer cheap flights to other European countries; so, make sure to explore other countries besides the one you will be studying in. If you are worried about price, many of the attractions that you find on this website offer a price range when you click on them. You will soon realize that many interesting places to visit are low cost. Use this site and others to make the most of your time spent studying abroad!

Mary Reber


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