Meet our Professional Writing Intern,Mary Reber!

Welcome Mary Reber! 

Hello! My name is Mary Reber. I’m a senior English major with a minor in professional writing here at EIU. I’m excited to start working with the Study Abroad office for the spring 2015 semester as a professional writing intern. From my first look in the Study Abroad office, I feel like I’m going to enjoy the people, the projects, and the experience.

Although I have not participated in a study abroad program, I have had the opportunity to travel to Ireland as a teenager, and I look forward to a future of travelling to all sorts of different countries and experiencing different cultures. I have always been interested in travelling and was sad when I realized studying abroad was not going to be in the cards for me. Since I am graduating at the end of the spring semester, I will miss the chance to study abroad with EIU, but I know that learning opportunities don’t stop with school. I am sure I will still be able to learn all sorts of things in my travels in the future. I hope to get some ideas on where I would most like to travel by working with the office.

flag_of_irelandWhen I traveled to Ireland, I instantly fell in love with the country. The passing of life in Ireland is slower than it is here; everyone seems more relaxed. Of course, I spent most of my time travelling between B&B’s out in the country so my opinion negates city life. If I had the opportunity to go to school in Ireland, I probably would. My cousin Maureen actually decided to transfer to a school in Ireland after studying abroad, so the love of the country seems to be genetic.           


Hopefully while I complete my work for the Study Abroad office, I will have the time to read through the guest posts to learn about the different countries EIU sends its students to study. I feel like getting the insider prospective of the country is the most helpful when you are choosing where to travel or where to study abroad.I am excited to start my work for the office come January, and you may be hearing more from me then. Thanks for reading!


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