Welcome to Brazil Day’s World!

                                                      Welcome to Brazil Day’s World!                                                                                   brazilian-flagAugust 25th, great, school is in session!  I rush to get dressed, eat my favorite breakfast, and turn on some nice soothing music to ease my first day school gitters! Today I am feeling fantastic and excited to meet all my graduate peers! As I walked into class, my professor says, Attention! Attention, class is in session! “Good afternoon students, today is the day we play our icebreaker game”. “Lets go around the room and share our names, majors and background history”. As I think to myself,I smirked a little bit because I knew that this game would always be interesting if I was in the room. “Hello my name is…..Brazil Day and I am a……”. A student sitting on the far corner and yells out, “What, your name is Brazil”? I pause for a second, because I knew this question will come up during this game. “I am attending graduate school for political science, have two loving parents, a sister name India and Asia, and a brother name Houston”. Apparently this got everyone’s attention because the whole class start saying “ooo” “ahhh”. This was pretty funny to me because as normal as Brazil Day sounds to me, I always forget that when I just meet people this is their first reaction! 

One of the greatest things about having a name like Brazil Day, is having great parents who have traveled the world. Let me set the record straight, my name was going to be Iceland until my mother decided I had a little more flare and spunk then that! Since my parents been together they have traveled to some of the most breathtaking places in the world like India, Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, China, and Belize. As a young girl, I always emerged myself into different cultures, cuisines and traveled to several places. I attended a Fine Arts School that also allowed me to appreciate the arts, history, dance, and music. This experience was unforgettable, and helped me grow as a individual.One of the greatest memories I had was traveling to the Bahamas with my family. I walked along the beautiful streets, visited local shops, and danced  with the locals. My experience in the Bahamas was surrounded by love, rich culture, and beautiful surroundings.




303642_1978181815038_377772383_nAnother tradition my family does is buying something very special from every country and placing it around our house or our beach house. This tradition is wonderful because it allows my siblings and I to learn more about the countries my parents have visited!I believe that my parents passed along their “traveling dna” to me because I have also visited beautiful like Putero Rico, India, Brazil and of course the Bahamas. Although I was very young I have realized how grateful I am for all of the opportunities I have had traveling abroad.  I strongly suggest traveling abroad because life is so special and learning about other cultues is a very humbling experience. The moments I remember walking along the beach, with the warm sand on my feet, taking in the experience and appreciating this earth, was a moment I will never forget.




No matter what culture, ethnicity, race or gender, We are all beautiful in our own way! Traveling abroad is a once in a life time experience and I encourage everyone to see the world! 


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