Q&A: Laura’s View from 2 Countries

A unique double trip installment to our Q&A Series dedicated to our returning students. Hear their thoughts from best to worst and everything in between.

Laura Krieg

AlpsLaura is a native of Woodstock, IL and is an EIU student receiving a Dual Cert. in Special Education and Elementary Education. She has studied abroad TWICE within the past couple years, first during May 2012 on the German Life and School program in Esslingen, Germany and then again in May 2013 on the Science and Schooling program on Andros Island, Bahamas.

Q1: PLACES, talk about your favorite spot in your home away from home. Where? Why?

In Germany, my favorite spot was at the highest point in the Alps.  It was so breathtaking.  I have never been able to look down on so much and so far.  I would love to visit this spot again.  In the Bahamas, my favorite spot was the lodge where we stayed.  There were two other groups (one from Ohio and one from New York) staying there with us, so we got to interact with more than just our group of EIU students as well.  Every night, we would sit out on a deck they had on the ocean and watch the tides come in.  It was a great place to stay!

Q2: NOPE, are there things you don’t miss from your destination? What? Why?

The sand fleas in the Bahamas!  I came back covered head to toe in huge bites!

Q3: YEP, you’re actually homesick for something from abroad. What? Why?

I really miss the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle from the Bahamas!  People did not rush around as much as they do in the United States.  You simply got where you needed to go when you got there.  Also, everybody was so friendly!  People would honk and wave every time they passed you on the street.

Q4: SHOCKING, you could hardly believe your eyes when you saw … What? Why?

A small group of us were snorkeling one of the reefs in the Bahamas.  We were swimming right along the reef when a 6 ft shark came up over the reef and swam right underneath me.  I could have reached down and touched it… it was so close!  I don’t think my mind actually registered what it was until it was underneath me.  Scary, but AMAZING, experience!

Q5: WEEKENDS, full of travel. Where did you go? How did you choose? Was it difficult to plan?

In Germany, I spent a weekend in Konstanz, Germany on Lake Constance.  I chose this location because it was close enough for a weekend away but very different from where I was studying.  It was beautiful!  I did find it difficult to plan because I do not speak any German and neither does the girl I went with.  The weekend was definitely an adventure… we ended up walking miles and miles because we couldn’t read the bus schedule!Andros Island

Thanks, Laura! We appreciate hearing your memories from both of your trips abroad!


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