Faculty-led 2014: What’s on tap

Below you’ll find a list of customized & faculty-led programs that have been confirmed for Spring Break and Summer 2014. We’re super excited to see some new programs, and some old favorites this year. Check out the list below and contact us for more info, either by leaving a comment or emailing us directly at goabroad@eiu.edu.

Important dates:
* Fri. Dec. 6, 2013 – Spring Break program & scholarship application deadline
* Fri., Jan. 31, 2014 – Faculty-led summer program & scholarship application deadline
* Fri., Feb. 28, 2014+ – fiscal deadline / your final date to drop without major financial penalty
subject to change

Customized & Faculty-led 2014 Programs, alpha by destination:

Guatemala Spring Break in Guatemala Dr. Carlos Amaya Spanish
Italy Food, Wine & Fashion (Spring Break) Dr. Lisa Brooks Family & Consumer Sciences
Argentina Summer in Argentina Dr. Vanesa Landrus Spanish
Austria Summer in Salzburg Dr. Marilyn Coles Music
Bahamas Science & Schooling Dr. Dan Carter,
Dr. Marylin Lisowski
Belgium Summer Archaeology Dr. Bailey Young,
Dr. Debra Reid
China Plant Usage & Culture Dr. Gordon Tucker,
Dr. Zhiwei Liu
Costa Rica Writing & Place Dr. Lania Knight,
Dr. Ruben Quesada
England English Literary Landscapes Dr. Chris Wixson,
Dr. Marjorie Worthington
England Sports Industry in the UK Dr. Jon Oliver,
Dr. Chad Carlson
India Incredible India Dr. Dan Carter,
Dr. Kiran Padmaraju
Ireland Intercultural Communication Mr. Jim Coleman,
Dr. Angie Jacobs
Communication Studies
Italy The Good Life Mr. Phil Thompson Philosophy
Italy Mediterranean Cuisine Dr. Carla Honselman Dietetics
Serbia Health & Wellness Dr. Dejan Magoc Health Studies
South Africa Nation Building Dr. Michael Loudon English, PoliSci, History, Africana Studies
Spain Sustainable Energy Mr. Dan Johnson Biology

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