Q&A: New Zealand & Australia

We just recently welcomed home a group of students from a month-long tour of Australia and New Zealand. They saw everything from wine country to koalas, went bungee jumping, and climbed glaciers – all the while earning 6 credits for Intercultural Communication here at EIU.

We caught up with EIU senior Jersey Milano who is majoring in Interpersonal Communication, and asked a few questions about his time spent “down under.”

Q: Talk about your favorite spot in your home away from home. Where? Why?
A: My favorite spot was Napier, New Zealand because of the wine tastings and the awesome black stone beach where I watched the sunrise.  Napier is compared to Napa Valley’s wine country.

Q: Did a local point you to a market, pub or park you didn’t know about?
A: In Cairns Australia, there was a souvenir shop that the highest price I saw was $17 for a hoodie.  They had shot glasses, stuffed koalas, cozies, shirts, mugs, and much more.  When I went there to get souvenirs for my family, I bought three 12 packs of koalas, a bigger koala, 3 pack of shot glasses, a koozie, a hoodie, and a mug all for only $30.

Q: What challenged you while you were abroad? Why?
A: My toughest day while abroad was in Franz Josef, New Zealand. I have a disability known as cerebral palsy.  I have never let it hold me back, but in Franz Josef, it held me back.  Everyone was able to climb a glacier but it was the smartest decision for me not to climb it.  I did not want to get stuck on the glacier and have a helicopter airlift me off of the glacier.  I felt weak but it was for the best.

Q: You’re probably homesick for something from abroad. What? Why?
A: I am homesick for Queenstown’s very own Fergburger.  While there, it was the best burger in the whole wide world.  There needs to be a location here!!

Q: You could hardly believe your eyes when you saw … What? Why?  
A: The most shocking thing I witnessed was actually being face to face with a kangaroo in Port Douglas, Australia.  I never thought I would be able to pet it, let alone feed the kangaroo.

Thanks for sharing, Jersey!


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