Happy about Holi

It was cold and dreary outside as we tugged old white t-shirts over our heads, and huddled against the side of Buzzard Hall with three bowls of dye and a spray bottle full of water. What is this, an art project? We braced ourselves against the spray of cold water and closed our eyes. This, is Holi.

“Just hold still, Nate.” Sara says, dipping her hand into the small bowl I’m holding and pinching bright pink dye between her fingertips. She flicks her fingers and – splat – a burst of color on Nate’s face. A quiet pause as we admire her colorful handiwork and then.. it’s on.

Holi EIU

Our office has been planning the Holi festival of colors since January. Now that we are a month away from our event on campus, it’s all we can talk about. We met up with one of our returning students who agreed to photograph our pre-Holi festivities. You know how we love our photo shoots. With the weather leaning toward winter, we had to control our colorful selves indoors. But as you will see below, the results are beautiful (big thanks to Geoff ZuHone, our fearless photographer). We also were able to answer a few questions about the dye and it’s effect on our clothes and skin.

* Will the dye stain my skin or hair? No. Even two hours after original contact, it washed off of our faces and hands with water and soap. When you exit our event on April 19, we’ll have a washing station near Doudna so we can hose you down before you go wandering off into the Union.

* Will the dye stain my clothes? We haven’t done laundry yet! While I’m not sure if my old high school t-shirt will ever be white again, that’s why we wore old clothes in the first place. That being said, the company we are purchasing the dye from notes that a regular laundry cycle and stain remover (if necessary) should do the trick. Read more from PurColour here.

* What if I get the dye in my eyes? A few of us wear contact lenses, and we didn’t have any trouble. Health Services will provide several bottles of eye wash so we can access them if needed, and walk you over to their building if you do need to flush your eyes. Again, the dye is approved by the FDA so there are no crazy weird artificial ingredients.

Now for the most important question. Will you have a good time?

We say: a colorful, unanimous, YES! See you on the Library Quad on April 19, 2:00 – 4:00!


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