[Guest Post] Everyday abroad: Carnaval del Toro

Everyone was dressed up in different costumes. I saw a cat, even a tomato. The air was filled with excitement.  After all, it was Carnaval del Toro! We meandered through the streets, admiring the festivities and costumes, and eventually saw the fences in the distance. We headed in that direction and found a spot on the fence. The bulls would be running by any minute!


The Carnaval del Toro run isn’t nearly as large as the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona each summer, but it was exhilarating none-the-less. Before  we knew it, the bells were ringing to announce that bulls were in the streets. Five of my friends were standing in the road across the fence from us, ready to face the beasts. As the bulls got closer, the bells started ringing louder and faster. It wasn’t long until we could see the herd and even hear their footsteps. My friends’ eyes were full of terror. In a flash they took off running with hearts beating out of their chests. In a matter of seconds, both my friends and the bulls were gone.

Once the running was over we walked down the street to meet up with the rest of our group. Luckily, everyone made it and none of the bulls got out of control. Overall the Carnaval del Toro in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain was a wonderful cultural experience. Hands down, it was a great way to kick off the ending of my college career since I’ll be graduating in May!

Elisha Alto is a senior Spanish major studying abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain this spring.


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