The Art of Packing (1): Pack like a pro

This is the first installment of a series on packing

So, you’re packing. Not for a weekend in Chicago, or a few days at the beach. You’re packing for a semester out of the country and away from your closet. This is serious.

Not serious like a heart attack, but serious enough that you need to plan ahead. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind, whether you’re packing for a month, or a semester abroad.

We’ve made our own checklist, which we share in pre-departure orientations. Take a peek!

Top 10 Tips:

  1. Practice pack. Lay everything out so you can see exactly what you’re packing.
  2. Review the baggage regulations for your airline. Do you need to check a bag?
  3. Pick the right bag for you. Don’t forget the luggage tag!
  4. Be smart about your traveling attire. Heavy coat? Big shoes? Wear them on the plane.
  5. For clothing choices: Quick dry, and comfortable are key. Do you have laundry facilities?
  6. Sage advice: Don’t pack by outfit, plan to mix & match, make the most of layers.
  7. Stash a bag. Find a place for that extra duffel for the trip home (souvenirs).
  8. Personal hygiene items: remember the 3 oz. / 1 quart bag rule for your carry-on bag.
  9. Medicine: Carry prescriptions / OTC meds in their original container, in your carry-on.
  10. Make a checklist. You’ll be glad you did!

In case you need a visual aid, take a look at Packing like a pro (we love this guy).


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