Everyday Abroad: Ireland

Molly Malone, Dublin

Molly Malone, Dublin

Sometimes, you just have to be a tourist.

You make plans. You go to a place that you’ve researched, or read about. You go there with the intention of seeing something that everyone else has seen. And come hell or high water, you’re going to see it, too!

I’ve always had a long list of these must-see’s that doesn’t seem to get shorter no matter how many I cross off. In December I was in Dublin, Ireland – the Emerald Isle, and the home of Molly Malone.

If you’re familiar with this lass, you’ll know there’s a song about her, and a spot for her in Irish lore. What I didn’t know is there’s a statue, too. A pretty scandalous one, on busy College Green at the center of Dublin’s fair city.

As with so many statues, they are … well-loved. You can see where the bronze has gone brassy courtesy of too many tourist hands. People sit around the foot of a statue, use it as a meeting place, take endless photos with the iconic figure.  Molly was no different.

While trudging down Grafton Street with my collar up against the cold, I smiled to see the statue in the distance. The closer I got, I realized there was a crowd … and someone dressed as a leprechaun.

Well, it is Ireland. Clearly claiming Molly as his own, the leprechaun blocked my shot repeatedly, and waved happily at my lens, despite my covert attempts to shoot around him. I lowered my camera, raised an eyebrow and made a face: “Really?” He waved some more, propped up his plastic beard and struck a pose.

Click, click, click, went the camera shutter. It’s bad luck to say no to a leprechaun.


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