Your New Year

Madrid Nochevieja wig shopping

Madrid, Spain

In Spain, it’s customary to ring in the new year with 12 grapes at midnight: one for every chime of the clock and every month of the coming year.

I also discovered there’s a killer trade in wigs. Yes, wigs – or – pelucas. The plazas around the city of Madrid were full of vendors selling wigs in every color, length, and style. Teenagers sporting rainbow mohawks, twenty-somethings sporting purple spiral curls (like myself). The corny glasses and sequined fedoras took a back seat to these outrageous hair-borne decorations. It didn’t matter that the color stained your hands, or the bangs were uneven. There was a feeling of celebration, even before the crowds descended on Plaza del Sol for the final minutes of the year to yell their way through the countdown at Kilometre Zero. Wouldn’t everyday life be a little more interesting if we wore wigs every now and then?

Best wishes to you for the new year .. may your 2013 be full of new ideas (Wig Wednesday?) and exciting travels.

From us, to you:



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